Son Donates Liver to Father: ‘It’s a Miracle from God’

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It’s going to be a special Father’s Day for Bennie Urquhart and his son, Daryl.

The Wakefield, Va. father is grateful for his son’s perfect match after he was diagnosed with liver disease a few years ago.

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“They said I was the perfect candidate and we went from there,” Daryl told WWBT.

And in September, he donated part of his liver to his dad at UVA Medical Center.

“God gave me another chance to live through my son,” Bennie told the NBC affiliate.

Bennie called it a “great all-around feeling” to help anyone like that, but especially his dad.

“Ain’t too many people can say their father gave them life and they turned around and gave it right back to them,” Daryl told WWBT.

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Bennie feels like the liver donation was an early Father’s Day gift.

“As long as I’m living, I know that I have a part of my son inside of me,” said Bennie. “It’s a miracle from God.”

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