Meet Chelsea: a 10-year-old girl with a heart for art and others

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GOOD NEWS HERO: Chelsea Phaire poses with art kits before sending them to kids in homeless shelters and foster care. (Courtesy Chelsea's Charity)

Chelsea Phaire of Danbury, Conn. has donated over 1,500 art kits to kids in homeless shelters and in foster care during the coronavirus shutdown because she knows the power of art.

Her goal is to make sure every kid on the planet has access to art supplies, and, after talking to Chelsea and her mom, Candace, I believe she’s going to achieve it!

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Chelsea started “Chelsea’s Charity” last year after she asked for art kits instead of gifts. Since then she’s delivered 2,500 kits and counting.

You can help her by purchasing an item or more on her Amazon wishlist. She told me college students have sent her messages after buying a $1.50 pack of crayons. Anything helps and anyone can help.

And not only does she send art kits, but she also teaches people, when possible, how art has changed her life and how to use it, encouraging by saying, “Art is a start!”

Trust me, when I sent her photos of my (humble) pastel drawings, her response made me smile from ear to ear and want to make more art!

Chelsea is a Good News Hero

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