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Check out my simple, easy matcha green tea latte recipe that I make every morning for the perfect healthy start to the day.

Maybe like me, you started drinking matcha for the incredible health benefits (antioxidants, natural source of energy and focus, and supporting healthy metabolism), but you don’t want to sacrifice the taste.

After traveling to Japan and South Korea in 2019 and drinking the best matcha lattes I’ve had in my life, I went on a months-long journey to recreate what I had.

I tried matcha lattes in New York City, Los Angeles, Seattle, and all across the nation — but it can be hit-and-miss. A lot of disappointments. And I don’t like the matcha latte from Starbucks. (If you do, that’s great. Good for you) But if you know of any good matcha lattes, let me know so I can try them in my travels or recommend them to other matcha lovers.

I tried a few pre-made matcha powders (which I’m not a fan of) and some others — but I finally found the best matcha powder I’ve had on Amazon.

Jade Leaf Matcha” is farm-direct organic matcha from Japan.

It’s the most affordable one I’ve encountered and though I’ve tried the different grades, it tastes just fine for me with the culinary grade (the cheapest option).

And I’ll be honest, their marketing makes me wish I’d started their company. I get the 8.8 ounce bag, which has up to 125 teaspoons full. I recommend you get the 1.06 ounce bag, which has 15 teaspoons, so you can try it.

With 1 teaspoon of matcha powder, you can get up to 32-48mg of caffeine, which is about half a cup of coffee.


First, I like to use lavender from my backyard as the base. I steep dried lavender leaves/flowers for at least 5 minutes in a small teapot that I bought in Japan. It works wonders.

If you can’t get fresh lavender, you can buy dried lavender flowers, which will give it that strong lavender flavor. Make sure you’re not just getting lavender-flavored tea. But if you want, you can always use lavender syrup, as well.

Pour a few ounces of the lavender tea into your cup.

Then sift 1 teaspoon of the Jade Leaf Matcha powder into the lavender tea. Pour the rest of the lavender tea over the powder.

Use a whisk to mix the matcha powder into the tea, so it doesn’t settle at the bottom of your cup. You can get the same Japanese bamboo tea set I use here.

After the matcha is mixed in, pour in 2 ounces of unsweetened almond milk. I use Silk, which you should be able to get at your local grocery store, or you can order it here.

Stir your latte, sip and enjoy.

Optional: You can add honey or a sweetener of your choice if you’d like it sweet. You can also use other types of milk, depending on your taste preferences.

FOR MORE: If you’re interested in a good book on matcha with the history, benefits, and more recipes, I recommend you get “The Matcha Miracle: Boost Energy, Focus and Healthy with Green Tea Powder.”

EXTRA: Take a selfie with your matcha and post it on IG. Feel free to tag me!

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